AlgoSec: Automating Security Policy Management

Yuval Baron, Chairman, CEO, & CCSO, AlgoSecYuval Baron, Chairman, CEO, & CCSO
To keep the bad guys off the business, modern enterprises need intelligently enhanced and automated security processes that can identify gaps in compliance and set the applications in motion to power their businesses. However, in this highly-increasing complex network environment, managing firewalls for a regulatory or internal audit is quite a difficult task.

Porsche Informatik—one of the largest private trading enterprises in Austria—once experienced continuous changes across its firewall territory, while transforming their existing network security policy. The foremost requirement for effective and undisturbed productivity for Porsche Informatik was to keep track of all the changes in succession: when were they made? Who made them? And would they be becoming risks for the existing infrastructure? That is when Porsche decided to approach Algosec Security Management Solution to streamline its network operations, which subsequently booted and spurred the firewall infrastructure of the company.

“To make organizations more agile, secure and compliant, our security teams implement intelligent automation that injects business context into the security management driving strong momentum for the businesses,” says Yuval Baron, AlgoSec’s Chairman, CEO, and CCSO. “We streamline and automate security operations for clients and generate incremental revenue from new policy compliance management services.”

On-premise or in the cloud, today’s business applications rely on a complex set of connectivity flows that often traverse multiple servers and networks. Lack of connectivity requirements may cause outages and invite risks to the underlying network infrastructure easing off the policy changeover process of a company. However, as an integral part of policy improvement, many organizations can be seen dismissing the bloated firewall rule-sets that have not only added complexity to daily tasks over the years but widely impacted the performance of firewall appliances. AlgoSec’s top 3 security management solutions— Algosec BusinessFlow, AlgoSec FireFlow, and AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer—AlgoSec addresses many complex network security challenges.

We streamline and automate security operations for clients and generate incremental revenue from new policy compliance management services

Algosec manifests its ability in managing firewall policies and performing compliance audits, change management, and risk analysis which are typically costly, labor-intensive, and error-prone. AlgoSec BusinessFlow minimizes outages, accelerates the business application delivery, and invigorates security and compliance across virtual, cloud and physical networks. AlgoSec FireFlow eliminates guesswork, automates the entire security policy change process, and assists companies in processing the change while avoiding errors and reducing risks. From design and submission to proactive risk analysis, implementation, validation, and auditing—AlgoSec sees to all. Additionally, AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer performs the security operations that include troubleshooting, auditing, and risk analysis—to drive business agility for users.

Traditionally, security processes have been manual and slow. This occurred largely due to slow response times and errors while managing security policies, auditing, and assessing risk in firewall rules and device configurations. AlgoSec’s business-driven automation has the ability to generate audit-ready reports for major regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, and many others with its unified network policy across cloud and on-premise networks. Hence, it proactively analyzes risk from the business perspective, and rapidly plan and execute network security changes for all their customers.

“We also enable MSSPs to streamline service delivery and ultimately serve more clients at a lower cost. We help them provide services around compliance, risk assessment and security policy optimization, in which they provide their customers much needed visibility and control over the security policy,” explains Baron.

At one side, where the world still needs to learn how to orchestrate cloud security groups alongside traditional on-premise firewalls, AlgoSec continues to suggest a way out to most complex organizations ensuring security and compliance, wherever they reside.