Digital Scepter: Premium Firewall Management Solutions

Jon Robinson, President, Digital ScepterJon Robinson, President
The threat landscape in network and web security is constantly changing. While it is critical to adapt to these changes, it is common for customers to feel intimidated by the need for such frequent and rapid adaptation. The result? An inadequate response, causing customers to fall behind in updating their security controls and increasing the risk of a security breach. Jon Robinson, President of Digital Scepter, explains, “In many cases security solution providers will look to introduce a solution that is simply not fit for the intended purpose or cannot be maintained. Digital Scepter believes in a journey-based approach whereby security is achieved through good practices, training, education, and ongoing support at a rate that is appropriate for each customer.”

Digital Scepter offers customers a wide range of firewall services, all of which can be integrated with existing security solutions. The premier service is the firm’s Falco Managed Firewall Service, which is designed to work alongside Palo Alto Networks firewalls. According to Robinson, it is common for customers who purchase Palo Alto Network firewalls to lack sufficient know-how or experience to activate all the features or to implement them correctly. He explains, “Our Falco service solves these problems by continuously monitoring the configuration and escalating any issues that need to be immediately resolved. It also establishes best-practice operating procedures for firewall maintenance.”

The company has design/install and operational expertise in Web Application Firewalling through its partnership with F5, Perimeter/Core Firewalling, Next Endpoint Security (Next Gen AV), Remote access VPN and multi factor authentication through its partnership with Palo Alto Networks, and more ‘traditional’ Endpoint Security for larger scale deployments through its McAfee Partnership.

Our Falco service solves these problems by continuously monitoring the configuration and escalating any issues that need to be immediately resolved

“Probably our biggest strength is that we know how to integrate all of the technologies into an environment that may already have one or more existing security solutions,” says Robinson. Digital Scepter specializes in painting a picture for a customer as to how one or more of the above technologies can enhance their existing environment and then work with them to migrate to that vision.

However, the crowning achievement of Digital Scepter is the company’s relationships with its customers. Robinson talks of the company’s dedication to its customers, “Our ultimate goal is to bring true value to each customer’s experience and to create strong bonds with those customers and our partners in technology,” affirms Robinson.

Nothing better demonstrates Digital Scepter’s dedication than how they tailor their services to ensure they can most effectively help their customers achieve their security goals. The firm’s consulting methods come in a variety of “flavors”, one of which is staff augmentation. During staff augmentation, a Digital Scepter engineer operates from the customer’s company for an extended period of time in order to help that company adapt to the new technology at their own pace. “This ‘style’ of service speaks of our approach with customers. We want ensure people are comfortable with the new technologies before we walk away,” says Robinson.

Robinson reckons that buying a firewall is relatively easy compared to the effort and discipline required after the purchase. The biggest challenge comes with ensuring the successful operation and maintenance of the chosen technology. This is what the Falco Managed Firewall Service was designed to achieve. The future focus of Digital Scepter and the development of their services is set on solving operational security issues.