FireMon: Proactive Security Intelligence

Satin Mirchandani, CEO, FireMonSatin Mirchandani, CEO
With the expansion of the network security infrastructure, organizations are becoming highly complex, leading to greater risks and fundamental flaws in the way enterprises manage their network security infrastructures. This level of complexity and change in infrastructure affect the configuration of network firewalls and perhaps remains the greatest challenge for network security administrators. To overcome this, enterprises need a wide range of tools to manage their firewalls and ensure that the network infrastructure is secure, thereby automating the assessment of complex network security configurations and helping organizations better create device policies that are more effective, with fewer conflicts or unintended exposures.

“At FireMon, we are delivering firewall management solutions that enable organizations to be proactive,” says Satin Mirchandani, CEO of FireMon. FireMon’s Security manager helps enterprises manage their firewalls, routers, switches, and load balancers more effectively by detecting and reporting any changes to firewall policy, increasing visibility and reducing the cost of making changes. The firm’s Security Manager also improves compliance security posture by letting users clean up unnecessary access and tighten existing rules. This gives network security operators the information necessary to make a precise change and reduce risk without disrupting network operations.

FireMon has become a recognized name in this arena, as it specifically targets enterprise and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) concerns. Its founders bring their insights into complex network security configuration by delivering intelligence that allows enterprises to automatically analyze, visualize, and improve their existing network security infrastructure.

The FireMon Security Intelligence portfolio solutions allow network security directors to oversee the distributed processes necessary to ensure effective enforcement, providing unparalleled visibility across every critical aspect of network security, policy compliance, and IT risk.

At FireMon, we are delivering firewall management solutions that enable organizations to be proactive

From scalable, in-depth visibility into complex devices, to closed-loop policy workflow automation, and access-based prioritization of underlying exposures, FireMon solutions offer the full range of capabilities necessary to optimize enterprise-wide security management.

In addition, the firm also offers an intelligent firewall workflow solution—Policy Planner—to make security more efficient by automating the firewall change processes with an intelligent workflow solution. Policy Planner works alongside existing business process automation tools to dramatically improve the efficiency of the change management process, reducing time and costs associated with access change requests while at the same time improving security by integrating security and risk analysis directly into the process.

Additionally, the complex nature of firewall configurations combined with the time-consuming burden of patching tens of thousands of vulnerabilities, makes threats difficult to see and assess by users. The firm’s central approach is towards risk; FireMon’s patented Risk Analyzer introduces a new way to measure risk, using hypothetical attacks, or attack scenarios.

By deploying FireMon’s solutions customers have reported measurable improvements in the overall state of their network security. In one instance, one of FireMon’s clients lacked comprehensive visibility into the current state of network defenses and was challenged to keep its IT infrastructure under lock and key. Leveraging FireMon’s Security Manager, the client was able to continuously monitor the current state and effectiveness of all security device infrastructures and also retain visibility into configurations of hundreds of devices.

Forging ahead, “FireMon will lead through innovation and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. It is no surprise FireMon is experiencing double-digit growth in all regions and renewal rates greater than 90 percent. These numbers highlight both the current momentum and the future opportunity,” concludes Mirchandani.