Top 10 Firewall Solution Companies - 2017

IT Solution: Comprehensive Infrastructure Security

Daniel Lim, Lawrence Chai, Director, IT SolutionDaniel Lim, Lawrence Chai, Director
As vulnerabilities increase and the sophistication of infiltrators grows, even state-of-the-art firewall systems are not adequate. There needs to be a mix of a robust network, flawless backup policy solution, enhanced maintenance, and round-the-clock monitoring to reduce network vulnerabilities. A Singapore-based managed IT services company, IT Solution, is more than just a firewall expert; it is a one-stop IT solution provider that best serves customers through unique security solutions. “With today’s evolving threats, a mere firewall is not the go-to solution; organizations need a comprehensive solution,” says Lawrence Chai, Director of IT Solution. “We guarantee the highest level of security that will protect any network and system against viruses and ransomware attacks.”

IT Solution’s offerings protect any user and device, regardless of the location, as long as they are connected to a network. Chai understands that training is essential to keep employees up to speed as well as ensure that businesses stay safe. “We train and empower any organizational staff with the knowledge of cyber security so that they can recognize common cyber threats and warning messages.” IT Solution prioritizes applying rules to network traffic to ward off threats that may interfere with systems, from networks to mobile devices. In addition, Chai’s team provides the most comprehensive security coverage—which can be tailored to meet specific client needs—with security features that go beyond the capabilities of a firewall.

Chai states that many firms do not really have the knowledge or experience to activate all the firewall features or implement them correctly.
To this end, IT Solution provides a broad array of firewall and antivirus solutions to tackle and protect systems against malware, virus, and ransomware, including automating processes and ensuring all of a client’s devices are up to date. The company offers expert guidance in installing and setting up a firewall to ensure that networks are well protected.

We guarantee the highest level of security that will protect any network and system against viruses and ransomware attacks

IT Solution assists clients to install and assume appropriate IT policy and standard operating procedures to reduce the potential risks of cyber attacks. “We encourage clients to engage our full managed services through which we can have complete information on network usage. This ensures our ability to cover all the loopholes that may exist,” adds Chai. In an example, a customer had lost all their data during a ransomware attack and was helpless since their previous service provider had not recommended them to set up a backup system. IT Solution’s expert team assisted the client in enhancing their firewall and implemented an automating backup solution with on site and off site backup features to prevent the occurrence of data loss in the future.

IT Solution strives to provide state-of-the-art security services to clients with latest firewall technologies and help more SMEs with their cost-effective firewall solution that protects clients against any ransomware attack. Moreover, designed to search, detect, identify, and remove malware programs and other types of malicious software like Trojans, worms, and adware, IT Solution’s antivirus products offer users superior protection against web related threats. Not following the clichéd route of offering clients a one-size-fits-all solution, the company provides flexible packages that result in the implementation of the right solution that suits customer needs and complexity of the network. “To us, nothing is more important than helping SMEs grow because IT security is one of the top priorities for organizations that want to scale new heights,” concludes Chai.