Top 10 Firewall Solution Companies - 2017

Secucloud: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity through FWaaS

Dennis Monner, CEO , SecucloudDennis Monner, CEO
Since the explosion of the internet, information on every device—online or offline—has become vulnerable to data breaches. SMBs are in need of a solution that ensures enterprise-level security without having to break the bank. Secucloud comes to the rescue with its innovative firewall-as-a-service elastic cybersecurity solution. “Secucloud is highly scalable due to the fact that we started from the cradle with cloud security and customized it according to the needs of the current industry,” states Dennis Monner, CEO, Secucloud.

Secucloud, a spin off from Gateprotect, a unified threat management (UTM) firewall company, leverages the extensive experience gained from Gateprotect to understand the current market needs and spearhead the firewall-as-a-service revolution. Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security Service (ECS2), integrated with global security cloud infrastructure, provides security to small business networks, mobile, and households. The company’s elastic framework provides virtual instances as a cloud cluster, filters DNS as an entry product and as full Firewall as a Service the complete customer-traffic with all sophisticated technologies expected from a next generation firewall. Secucloud’s B2B security provides enterprise-level, cloud-based IT-security as a managed service for Market Place Solution, which at the core is similar to ECS2 but works at the enterprise level and facilitates cross-selling among customers. This solution enables FWaaS distributors and resellers to act as managed security service providers (MSSP) and deliver updated technology for billings, bookings, and other activities of small businesses.

Network providers can employ Secucloud’s virtual cloud security framework to provide a filtered network to its customers. Secucloud’s virtual firewall can be remotely installed on private and hybrid clouds and accommodates continuous growth in customers and traffic.

Secucloud is highly scalable due to the fact that we started from the cradle with cloud security and customized it according to the needs of the current industry

Secucloud’s security disguises the IP address of a client during a phishing attack by providing the phishing website with an alternative IP address of a replacement page. An existing malicious program such as botnet or Trojan on a device is isolated from reaching the network as Secucloud firewall prevents malicious activities from accessing the correct IP address of the host. Another key service of Secucloud includes SAND SSL technology model, which analyses Secure Sockets Layer traffic without having to decrypt it. This technology processes IP addresses, locates URLs and host names within the reputation system, and verifies Server Name Indication and the entire certificate to provide security as high as 90 percent.

In one instance, Secucloud’s technology helped a network integrator with a small administrative workforce that installs internet and firewall appliances at health clinics in Germany. The administrators had to be accessible round the clock to mitigate firewall related problems. The lack of firewall management infrastructure hampered the expansion of the integrator’s business. Secucloud’s virtual firewall technology helped the client expand its services by replacing its existing firewall with a virtual firewall while providing administrators remote access to monitor problems. “Our knowledge of firewall security helped us create an advanced firewall-as-a-service in a virtual framework, which provides elastic and scalable services,” explains Felix Blank, Senior Product Manager, Secucloud.

The R&D team of Secucloud is delving into the prospect of AI and deep learning along with neural networks to better identify network attacks and strengthen cloud firewall. The company intends to extend its services across different industries and emerging economies, by better understanding customer behavior and helping them grow their business. The success of Secucloud is a testimony to its team’s zeal to innovate and provide advanced security solutions.