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Skybox Security: Insights-Driven Cybersecurity Management

CIO VendorRavid Circus, Vice President, Products
Security leaders have long been on the hunt for the missing piece of the puzzle that will render a complete view of their enterprise’s state of security. The legacy security solutions they rely on are no longer viable amid today sophisticated cyberattacks. SkyboxTM Security breaks new ground by providing unprecedented visibility into an organization’s network topology, assets, security controls, vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. Its automated, next generation firewall management across physical, multi-cloud, and industrial networks paves way for efficient security operations management. Enterprises can leverage the SkyboxTM Security Suite for complete rule lifecycle management and perform tasks like real-time change monitoring, firewall full-rule recertification, and automated provisioning.

“Within Skybox Security Suite, we unify security, network, and threat data from the broadest range of sources,” states Ravid Circus, Vice President, Products, SkyboxTM Security. Recognizing secure and regulatory compliant firewalls as a need of the hour, the company provides a SkyboxTM Firewall Assurance module that enables complete management of a firewall’s lifecycle. Users can execute tasks across multiple firewall systems and automate complex rule-sets. The module monitors and analyzes traditional and virtual firewalls, as well as security tags in the cloud, and identifies security policy violations and platform vulnerabilities. With Skybox, organizations are able to unify security policy management across their networks, wherever they are — on-prem, multi-cloud or ICS/SCADA. Skybox Firewall Assurance also zeroes in on baffling firewall changes that necessitate cleaning up, recertifying, and optimizing for rule-sets.

Skybox provides comprehensive, in-depth attack surface visualization with SkyboxTM Network Assurance and SkyboxTM Horizon, the company's proprietary visualization tool that graphically shows exposures that put the organization at risk. Enterprises can gain a clear view of the physical, multi-cloud, and industrial networks that support their business and operations.

Within Skybox Security Suite, we unify security, network, and threat data from the broadest range of sources

With Skybox, users can visualize and interact with hybrid network and security controls. They can analyze network paths from any source and destination including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware NSX networks. To ensure continuous network service, businesses can also examine network zones, routers, and switches for security violations, and troubleshoot in a virtual model.

As attack surfaces evolve continually, security leaders are driven to make changes in workflows to ensure network security and compliance. SkyboxTM Change Manager, a module dedicated to firewall change workflow and automation, plays a crucial role in change assessment as a prelude to implementation. It nullifies the probability of new risk emergence. The module matches firewalls with change requests and converts the requests into a closed-loop process for errorless implementation. It determines risks related to the proposed changes to proactively prevent attacks and compliance violations while maintaining maximum availability. Skybox Change Manager automates rule lifecycle management, tracks changes, and verifies if implementation matches intent. Subsequently, the module customizes workflows to cope with organizational requirements.

“More than 120 networking and security technologies underpin the Skybox Security Suite. We harness the power of various technologies using integrations,” states Circus. Skybox Security’s unique approach of threat-centric vulnerability management gives true risk visibility and provides the tools and context to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring that vulnerability management is aligned with security policy requirements. Clients can prioritize and resolve imminent threats and plan ongoing risk reduction for potential threats that could escalate. Skybox Security’s team of security analysts, SkyboxTM Research Lab, delivers advanced threat intelligence and attack vector analysis to help pinpoint vulnerabilities. By offering an integrated platform of capabilities for firewall and security policy management, as well as vulnerability and threat management, Skybox gives organizations the context needed to ensure efficient, secure firewall management across the network, including on-prem, multi-cloud and industrial environments.

Skybox Security News

Skybox Security and Indegy Ventures into Cybersecurity for Networks

FREMONT, CA: Skybox Security will be integrating with Indegy to provide better protection to interconnected IT and OT (Operational Technology) networks.

Skybox Security a cyber risk management global leader, estimates that the various IT teams are not aware of the OT networks as most of them connect actual devices, equipment, and people physically in the industry. To provide better support, cyber-infrastructure, and security, the merger with Indegy proves more substantial. It not only gives proper support to the industry but also provides an overall view of all the processes that are happening on the dot. Read More